Breaking Through Blocks Workshop



Do you have an area in your life where you feel stuck? block that you are secretly dying to BREAK THROUGH

Blocks affect our ability to shine in our careers, finances and relationships.

There is a way out and when you find it the floodgates open and abundance flows in. People have repaired relationships with family members, started new businesses, and increased their earnings from $3k to $20k a month from doing this workshop. 


TIME:  9am – 1pm 

Please…it is important you are ON TIME.  Make sure you get their early to find street parking.

INVESTMENT:  Limited discounted price 

$60 per person



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workshop that uses movement to dramatically shift your perspective and relationship to your limitations.

WHAT TO BRING?  Please come with one specific BLOCK that you wish to release, water and snacks if you need them.

WHAT TO WEAR?  Comfortable clothes; no shoes.

WHAT TO EXPECT?  You will leave with a feeling of empowerment and clarity.


My block was I couldn’t say “yes” to receiving money.  The workshop was amazing and afterwards I felt instant relief.  But the complete transformation happened afterwards–my life started to change drastically each and every day after the event.  First, I started to get organized in my life – effortlessly. Then earning opportunities suddenly started to appear.  And now I say “yes” to receiving money!  Best of all, I get to witness the miracles that are happening to the other six women who were with me that day.  Each person had a breakthrough as a result of the workshop and their lives are being transformed before my very eyes.  Truly inspirational.   Thank you Jordan!

– Amanda Cooper, Artist 

If you want to discover your blocks, shift your blocks, and/or move past your blocks, you will love this workshop. Even if you don’t want to do those things, you will still love this workshop.  

– Mike Gandolfi, Emmy award winning writer, actor

 Thank you Jordan! That workshop was far beyond anything I could of expected. This wasn’t just like discovering a block and looking at it and hopefully maybe learning how to deal with it. No, this was dragging that sucker out, letting everyone look at – experiencing it on a deep deep level and breathing through it. And the following week, I surprisingly had more auditions that week than any other the entire year. Not only that, I was showing up differently in the rooms. I felt less of a victim and more in my body and power. This was weeks ago and I still feel that way!   

– Sean Hemeon, Actor

I am so grateful for you Jordan and your magical abilities! I went to the workshop to work on my block with my infant son. I was also challenged in the area of earning and what to do because the business I was doing is not conducive to allowing me to stay at home and raise my son. It took me a week of struggling and then out of nowhere I knew what to do for my earning. It was something that was already there and I am doing for enjoyment that I have years of experience in, I love it and I didn’t know I could make money doing it. My son and I are getting along better and are more connected. I am more compassionate and in acceptance and grateful. Thank you Jordan!!!

– Jamie B, Life Coach 

The Breaking Through Blocks workshop really helped me to identify what my deep, subconscious blocks were and what came up was truly liberating. The workshop was intimate and we each had time to fully explore each persons blocks in a supportive, insightful and open environment. It came at a time when I was on the verge of so many new beginnings and my old self-sabotaging patterns needed to rear their head and release! Since doing the workshop 2 weeks ago I can feel I am on a new level physically, emotionally and energetically. New doors are opening and its only the beginning! Jordan is fantastic to work with – open, authentic, relaxed and very experienced. Thank you!!

– Christina E., Actress

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