The two most important factors that I have found in training clients are consistency and change. Upon first hearing this it might sound confusing, as though these two ideas are working against each other, but once there is an understanding of the connection and interplay that these two forces have with one another it makes perfect sense.

The first goal that I have with my clients is to create structure and consistency by having them commit to regular days and times each week for working out. Once people get that they are always committed to something, it becomes easier to shift their commitment from resistance to movement. Once they fully commit and develop a strong workout habit, I begin to train them in cycles.

The first cycle is designed to reflect what the client expresses they want from working together and over time I begin teaching them based on what they need which is derived from my experience and knowledge of the body. For example, if a person expresses wanting to work on their cardio, and are an avid marathon runner, I will start by creating a cross training program for their cardiovascular health. Eventually I will move this person onto a stabilizing cycle, which will include exercises that strengthen their core as well as the opposing muscle groups that do not activate when they are running. This method rounds out a person’s fitness regime and occurs over time by gaining their trust. After they have made significant progress in this area I move them onto a new cycle – in this instance it would be full body coordination work to help them move in a more connected and fluid manner, which will ultimately make them a stronger runner.

Getting consistent and then creating healthy and strategic changes – keeps the body challenged and therefore continuing along a path of progress. These are two gold nuggets of knowledge that have worked well over the years. Use them well!


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