Phase 1: Your Body Story & Assessment

Tell your body story, including injuries, surgeries and predispositions. Your story also includes current aches, pains and belief systems that you have about your body. Complete a thorough assessment of muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Now is the time to make a firm commitment to your fitness program.

Phase 2: Reset & Reorganize

Reset your body through exercises designed to balance muscular instability and injury. At this phase you will also create a new belief system about your body. Break lifestyle patterns that hold you back including habitual standing and sitting patterns that are often unconscious and continue the cycle of pain and injury in your body.

Phase 3: Integrated & Functional Training 

Now that you are firmly rooted in your commitment to your fitness program it is time to start performing full body and body weight exercises. This phase is about learning how to move in a holistic way with good alignment. Expect multi-joint exercises and quicker transitions between upper and lower body work.

Phase 4: Cardio Training Level I

You are consistent in your routine and have good form through overall body movements. It is now time to step up your cardiovascular training. Through a combination of cardiovascular exercises and experience what it is like to feel your heart flutter again.

Phase 5: Yoga & Core 

With all of the training under your belt, start working on developing more flexibility and core strength. This phase of the program will challenge your breath and mind in addition to your body.

Phase 6: Interval Training 

Now you are ready to start training your cardiovascular system in intervals. Think about the difference between a sprint vs. a marathon. Interval training is anaerobic training or training that occurs before your body needs oxygen. It involves short bursts of exercises followed by active recovery.

Phase 7: Tabata, Cardio Training Level II 

Tabata is a method of training in 4 minute increments. 20 seconds of strong exertion combined with 10 seconds of rest repeated in cycles of 4 minutes. This method of training will have you achieve new heights in your health and cardiovascular system.

Phase 8: Advanced Tabata, Cardio Training Level III

Next level challenging. The workout is designed to push you to your potential in a safe way. Expect to sweat!

Phase 9: Mixed Fitness Arts

Now that you have completed the first cycle of training you are ready for anything. This phase is about continuing to surprise your body by using many different training styles and combinations. You are at your peak, the lesson now is consistency and maintenance.

Time to Begin Again

Now you will begin again at Phase 1 with your new fitness level and complete the program from your improved state of health.

Copyright Jordan Marinov, All Rights Reserved.


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