Top 5 Reasons Why Working With A Trainer Gets You Results

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY: Working out is not always easy, especially when fatigue, a busy schedule and multi-tasking are a working part of today’s society. Being accountable to another person for self-care ensures not only that you will do it, but even more important – that you will not do it alone.
  2. SUPPORT: To have two people working together for a common cause creates a stronger commitment and ability to withstand the trials and tribulations that will surely come. Having the support of your trainer will generate and sustain your energy for the long haul.
  3. PROPER PROGRAMMING & SEQUENCING: There are many people think they have more knowledge of exercise than they actually do. Trainers are professionals who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours studying and practicing their craft. Knowledge of kinesiology, anatomy, proper sequencing and injury prevention/adaption are a few of the many skills that a good trainer possesses will give you access to. It is both which exercises you are doing as well as the order that you do them in that creates a great workout.
  4. CONSISTENCY: Consistency is  one of the most important factors in changing your body. Most people who desire different results than they have can pinpoint this as one of the missing ingredients. Your trainer will most likely ask you to commit to buying a package. This is actually done for you, the client as you are much more likely to use a service that you have already paid for. It also helps you remember and connect with your long term goals and your desire to have real, lasting results.
  5. ADAPTATION:  A good trainer will keep you challenged. A great trainer will train you in cycles, understanding that the body adjusts to the amount of stress placed upon it and reaches fitness plateau regularly. This is why training really hard all the time is not healthy, it is asking you to maintain a high level of fitness, which is unnatural. Even the most serious athletes have seasons.
  6. HAVING FUN: This is the bonus, but it is absolutely essential that you enjoy what you are doing! Especially when you are working hard…



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