How balanced are you?

There are many layers to the concept of balance and stillness or steadiness is often associated with balance. Quite the opposite is true; balance is a very active state of being.

Stand on one foot for a moment and feel all of the little muscles in your foot and ankle working to stabilize you. There is a lot of movement happening and the same is true in life. Balance requires regular reevaluation and the ability to course correct as you go.

The 9th definition of balance from Merriam Webster is mental and emotional steadiness and this rings true. Amidst the hustle and stress of contemporary living, time to unwind and simply be is very rejuvenating. Working on physical balance quiets the mind and requires focus, which naturally shifts the energy into a more quiet and relaxed state.

Prescription for Balance: 

1) Allow yourself a few minutes of quiet time each day as a way to practice balance, believe it or not even five minutes can make a big difference.

2) Try doing a mundane task on one foot, such as washing dishes or brushing your teeth. You’d be surprised how much stronger your balance will become from a few moments a day. 

Photo on 2013-05-29 at 17.41 #5


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